Hydraulic Lift Application

As far as science is concerned, the concept of hydraulics is a vital discovery in the field of engineering. Thanks to Blaise Pascal, the development of vital engineering concepts provided by the mechanical properties of liquids was brilliantly advanced. The following are some of the innovations that benefit from the discovery and development of the concept of hydraulics and hydraulic lifts.


The water pressure mechanism in hydraulic car jacks provides an easier and less strenuous way of lifting a car. It is almost effortless to pump a hydraulic car jack if you try to compare it with cranking the screw of a mechanical jack. Hydraulic car jacks have definitely changed how we view changing flat tires and getting underneath our cars.

Hydraulic jacks, however, aren't limited to portable car jacks only. They can also be found in the form of bulky auto lifts found in most car repair shops. Usually, this type of lift is basically used to lift the whole car so that mechanics can easily access beneath it without having any troubles of crawling underneath.

Wheelchair Lift

A wheelchair lift is a type of lift that is specifically design for the physically-challenged. The wonders of hydraulic lifts can be of great help for their situation, especially when they need to descend or ascend from a flight of stairs or any type of elevation for that matter. Instead of using bulky ramps that can cause great hassles just by mere installation, they can easily take advantage of the service hydraulic wheelchair lifts offer.


It is true that pallet jacks are used for transferring loaded pallets. However, for bulk transfer of heavily loaded pallets, it will definitely be easier to use forklifts instead. These are very effective tools in the commercial manufacturing industry. The small vehicular pallet jack, for instance, can transport heavy stacks of pallets with ease and can easily be driven along aisles. It comes in two types, classified depending on its source of power. The first one, which is best for outdoor purposes, runs on an internal combustion engine. Depending on your engine, it burns diesel, petroleum, or LPG. For forklifts that are intended to be used indoors, fuel cells or batteries are used, powering these forklifts to life.

Short Elevator/ Residential Elevator

Before, residential elevators were considered a luxury, something only the affluent can enjoy. But now, they are increasingly becoming a necessity in most two-story homes though their prices remain undeniably high. Since people today tend to live in a fast-paced dimension, everything should come in an instant, and no precious time should be wasted.

Unlike elevators that can be found in commercial buildings, the residential elevator only travels short distances, approximately 2-4 floors per house. And similar to what the wheelchair lift offers, this type of elevator offers more accessibility for people who have mobility problems. This type of lift may often be mistaken as a wheelchair lift, but it is different. They may have the same basic function, but their differences are apparent in their respective appearances.